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    STOCKINGS FEATURES: ** Dense structure of the product excellently supports the varicose veins; ** Optimal compression increases blood flow during a long flight and prevents swelling; ** Flat seams secure comfort when worn; ** The heel zone is strengthened additionally that extends the service life of the products; ** Compression level of the product is set in strict-compliance with medical requirements.

  • AIR-con

    Increases resilience

    Promotes circulation

    Protects from hypothermia and injuries

    Relieves pain and stabilises

    Micro-perforated SBR coating for extra ventilation

    Skin-friendly performance COOLMAX® freshFX® fibre blend inside with soft jacquard honeycomb structure

    Temperature and moisture balancing plus quick-drying, antimicrobial effect through silver ions for an improved skin climate

    Adjustable with hook & loop fastener

    This product conforms to guideline 93/42/EEC on medical devices

    Contents: 1 support brace

    Outer: 100% polyamide/ inside: 100% polyester (of which 50% COOLMAX® freshFX®)

    Wash separately or with similar colours

    205.00 152.00
    • EFFECTIVE CALF AND SHIN SUPPORT: Reducing soreness, inflammation and cramping, the Vive calf brace effectively supports weak or injured calf muscles. Providing great support for athletics, exercise and everyday use, the calf brace helps to prevent re-injury and promotes healing. Use the adjustable brace for calf strains and sprains, shin splints, and varicose veins.
    • MINIMIZES SHIN SPLINT SYMPTOMS: Retaining therapeutic heat and supplying gentle compression, the calf support wrap increases circulation to promote healing and reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.
    • ERGONOMIC NONSLIP DESIGN: Ergonomically designed for maximum effectiveness, the contoured calf brace easily adjusts for a customized fit. The finished edges prevent the brace from slipping, rolling or bunching for a comfortable experience.
    • VERSATILE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed with a breathable neoprene material, the brace stays cool and comfortable throughout the day. Three adjustable straps are secured with strong fastening materials for a personalized fit, accommodating most calf sizes. The versatile calf brace can be worn on the left or right calf.
    150.00 122.00
  • – Provides joint support and warmth

    – Quick drying with temperature and moisture regulating properties
    – Micro-perforated SBR coating for extra ventilation
    – Inner with skin-friendly COOLMAX(R) freshFX(R)
    – Adjustable with hook and loop fastening
    – Conforms to guideline 93/42/EEC for medical devices

    – One size

    150.00 122.00

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    Sensiplast® one size Aricon pain-relieving and stabilising knee support

    • Sensiplast® AIRcon knee support. Improves blood circulation.
    • Protects against hypothermia and injuries. Reduces pain and provides stability.
    • Micro-perforated SBR coating for increased breathability.
    • Increases load capacity.
    • This product complies with the 93/42/EEC medical device directive
    190.00 132.00
  • Ankle Support (764)

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    Product Highlights

    • Aircast 60º Stabilizer, on both sides of ankle, guards against rollover and helps prevent sprains
    • The A60 Breath-O-Prene® fabric stays cool and dry
    • Lightweight anatomic design for a comfortable bulk-free ankle fit
    • Simple single strap application eliminates time-consuming lacing and costly, repetitive taping

    More About This Product

    Aircast® A60 Ankle Support Bilateral 60º ankle stabilizers guard against rollover and helps prevent sprains. Aircast A60 Breath-O-Prene® fabric stays cool and dry. Lightweight anatomic design for a comfortable bulk-free fit. Simple single strap application eliminates time-consuming lacing and costly, repetitive taping. Specify Left or Right.

    100.00 52.00

    5.00 out of 5

    Stay in the game with the help of the ACE™ Adjustable Ankle Support. Designed with a convenient two-strap system, this ankle wrap lets you slip it on, adjust it to the perfect level of compression and get in on the action. It’s compatible with most athletic footwear, and the stretchy, breathable materials are comfortable from the match to the post-game celebration. Reach for the ACE™ Adjustable Ankle Support and keep doing what you love.

    120.00 58.00
  • Ankle Walker Boot

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    Walker Boot is designed for rehabilitation after injury, fracture , sprains or surgery of foot, ankle or lower leg. The boots provide support to the ankle and leg without inhibiting mobility. They can be a substitute for cast or can be used in case of early

    350.00 230.00
  • ARM SUPPORT (311)

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    Compression Arm Sleeve, 50+ UV Skin Protection, Cooling Arm Sleeve for Sports, Running, Basketball, Baseball, Football, PAIN RELIEVE, CIRCULATION

    100.00 52.00
  • Axillary Crutch

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    Product Highlights

    • One-piece extruded
    • Strong and rigid
    • Push-button height adjustment
    • Hand-grip adjusts

    More About This Product

    Axillary Crutch One-piece extruded. Strong and rigid. Push-button height adjustment. Hand-grip adjusts. Includes underarm pads, handgrip pads, and extra-large crutch tips. 250-lb. weight capacity. Also available in 8 pr/cs.

    Small fits 4’6″ – 5’2″
    Regular Adult fits 5’2″ – 5’10”
    Tall Adult fits 5’10” – 6’6″

  • Blue Shoulder Sling

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    Shoulder support sling for the immobilisation of the shoulder and elbow joints

    The protect.Arm sling is a shoulder joint support. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.

    110.00 63.00
  • Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack Cold Therapy for Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Back for Aches, Swelling, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammation (11″x14″) – Blue

    250.00 207.00
  • ColPaC Black Urethane Cold Pack (Neck contour, 12-piece case)

    Use the ColPaC black urethane cold pack in providing cold therapy for bruises, body aches, swellings, and other minor external injuries. Easy to use and reusable, the ColPaC black urethane cold pack can retain its therapeutic temperature and its softness and pliable quality even after thirty minutes of use. In addition, its polyurethane exterior is more supple and remains flexible at much lower temperatures compared to vinyl.

    210.00 184.00
  • commode chair

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    Commodes are available with lightweight aluminum or steel frame. Use the commode at bedside, or with the backrest removed as a toilet safety frame or raised toilet seat. Comes complete with commode bucket, bucket cover and splash shield.

    420.00 403.00
    • “Palm-Pusher” folding release that operates with fingers, palm or side of hand
    • Geometric design eliminates side frame wobbling
    • Angled front legs enhance stability
    • Dual side braces


    Deluxe Folding Walker with “Palm-Pusher” folding release that operates with fingers, palm or side of hand. Geometric design eliminates side frame wobbling. Angled front legs enhance stability. Dual side braces. Fold flat for storage. Grabber tips included.

    Specifications for Walker #7376: Anodized aluminum frame • Adjusts: 32″-39″H • 23″W x 18″D (open) • Folded: 4″D • 350 lb. capacity • Weight: 6.4 lbs.

    Specifications for Youth Walker #72981: Adjusts 25″-32″H • 23″W x 18″D (open) • Folded: 4-1/4″D • 300 lb. capacity • Wt. 7 lbs

    300.00 253.00
  • Product Highlights

    • Custom fit by adjusting leg and forearm sections independently
    • Vinyl coated arm cuffs can be shaped to the arm for extra comfort
    • Large rubber tip guards

    More About This Product

    Drive Medical Deluxe Steel Forearm Crutches

    with plastic Ortho K handles and vinyl-coated arm cuffs. Leg and

    forearm sections adjust independently for optional sizing. Telescoping

    parts have internal bushings and external lock nuts to silence any

    noise. Extra-large, non-skid crutch tips provide added traction and


    Constructed with high strength aluminum tubing. Easy push-button height

    adjustment with locking collet for added security. Grip-to-floor height

    adjusts in 1″ increments. Arm cuff to grip height adjusts in 1″

    increments. 300 lb. maximum weight capacity. Lifetime limited warranty.

    Sold as a pair.



    Medium Adult: Adjusts 28″ -37″H, fits 5’0″-6’2″.

    Tall Adult: Adjusts 33″ – 42″H, fits 5’10”-6’6″.

    150.00 86.00
  • Disposable Bed Pads

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    Choosing a disposable underpad doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply choose your desired absorption, back sheet materiel and size. Disposable underpads are found in just about any health clinic, hospital, or hospice home and come in various sizes, absorbencies and capacities to meet patient needs and finances. Absorbent pads are necessary to keep urine, feces, or any bit of body fluid from damaging skin, soiling bedsheets, staining furniture or flooring (they are popular not only for human incontinence, but for pets used as pee pads). When choosing a disposable underpad it is important to consider absorption, wicking, backsheet material and size.

    There is a good deal of choices out there, and at Vitality Medical, within the catalog, there are quite a number of brands and features to look at. So, with this brief we will run down some of the major disposable underpad features in decisions steps and describe the logic behind choosing those features.

    Step 1: Identify the Absorption Needed

    • Fluff filled pads have light absorption and is good for changing pads or pet pads.
    • Polymer Pads contain high absorbing polymers, which is good for moderate to super absorbing capacity.
    • Polymer and fluff combo pads are softer and more comfortable, which is good for moderate to super absorption needs.
    • Look to the manufacturer’s description describing the pad’s ability to wick moisture, this property keeps urine away from the pad surface so as to not harm the patient’s skin.

    Absorption refers to the amount and concentration of water absorbing polymer contained inside the underpad. The more polymer and concentration of the polymer the more absorption capacity. Larger pads do not always contain more absorbing polymer so choose a disposable underpad based on its absorption capacity not just its size.

    When choosing the level of absorption consider the volume and flow rate of the fluid landing on the pad. A very small pet only produces a small amount of volume and flow rate and a light absorption pad would likely suffice. A potty training toddler would likely require a Moderate Absorbency pad whereas an adult experiencing a full bladder loss would require a Heavy to Super Absorbency pad. Some factors may allow a Moderate Absorbency Pad to be used if the person is diapered and changed regularly. However, if you are using a moderate absorbency pad and it’s not enough, don’t double them up. The most effective solution is to use the correct absorbency for your needs.

    Step 2: Consider Backing Sheet Material and Its Different Uses

    • The plastic backing for temporary use or changing pads.
    • Breathable pads for extended use so skin is kept dry and prevents irritation and breakdown. These are ideal for healthy skin.
    • Air permeable pads for maximum dryness or for use on air beds when skin has already started breaking down and action is being taken to reverse the damage.

    Step 3: Consider Size, Backing Sheet Strength, and Color

    • The pad should extend beyond the containment area (width and breadth of body or buttocks) by 6 to 10 inches on either side.
    • Note that color is typically a personal choice, yet some manufacturers use color to indicate absorption ability and backing strength so it is easy to choose say if the caregiver were needing different pads for different patients with incontinence.
    • Strong disposable pad backing is recommend for those patients who may need to be moved and placed onto a pad so it does not tear or shear easily. Look for such terms as “Heavy Duty Backing”.

    Applying the Disposable Underpad

    The disposable underpads are often a daily necessity for those who have incontinence, yet luckily they are quite easy to use. The pads are commonly referred to as chux, or bed pads, and are simply placed on the bed or area of furniture where the patient will sit or lay down and unfolded from the center. The pad is unfolded and opened out so as to cover several inches beyond the area of contact. For instance, if the patient is lying on a bed, one would place the pad so as that each side of the body is between six and 10 inches from the edge. The chux should be positioned under the pelvis just below the lower back to where the pad extends out under the patient’s mid-thigh area.

    Depending on the absorption rating, the bed pads will hold and lock in urine while keeping the skin relatively dry. Check the moisture level periodically, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer as to know when the pad indicates full saturation. When fully saturated, dispose of the pad (or chuck it — how the chux name came about) and lay a fresh bed pad down afterward.

    150.00 107.00

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    If you’ve landed here I’m assuming that unfortunately you’re probably are suffering from tennis elbow and looking for a good quality elbow brace to help alleviate your pain. Although it’s commonly called “tennis elbow”, people that play all different sports (including other racket sports like racquetball, squash and pickleball – as well as golf and other sports) have to deal with chronic elbow pain.

    120.00 86.00
  • igh quality arm guard knee and elbow pads elbow and knee tactical pads for adult

    120.00 58.00
  • ELBOW WRAP (759)

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    Provides comfortable compression for weak or overstressed elbows. Helps reduce pain from tendinitis and bursitis.

    Unique hook and loop closure design fits most elbow sizes with adjustable support.

    120.00 58.00
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