• Automatic Incubator 256 Eggs

    Sold By: Seamless Mart
    Item Egg incubators
    Material  Plastic
    Use for  Chicken duck goose
    Color Blue
    Size 48x48x21
    Hatching rate 98%
    Weight 5kg
    Voltage 220V/12V
    Egg capacity(pcs) 256 eggs
    Advantage dual power supply, easy operation
  • 56 Eggs Incubator with Automatic Turner for Hatching Eggs

    Sold By: Seamless Mart
    • 【Large Egg Capacity】This Egg Incubator is made of environmental protection plastic. With 56 eggs large Capacity together (110v/220V).
    • 【Three in One Intelligent Egg Incubator】 This egg Incubator machine included Temperature Control,, humidity improver, and turning eggs. With this hatching device, you will complete the entire incubation process easily. You do not need to buy insulation boxes or other machines, saves money for you!
    • 【Inbuilded FAN & Sink】This incubator is equipped with a fan for a good distribution of heat. Thanks to this fan, the resistance and distribution of heat is ensured.Mini eggs incubators can hatch 56 normal chicken eggs and has sink for good humidity adjustment.
    • 【Visible Designed】Visible style designed , allowing people to view the whole process of incubation. Easy to see the hatching condition, provide you a visibility to monitor the hatching process.
    • 【Widely Used】 It is widely used for home or educational activities. This incubator also is great ideal for hobbyists, poultry breeders and farmers who seek to hatch eggs. This simple and reliable egg incubator is the fun for the family and household that wants to start incubating chickens, ducks and geese. The easy design and functions allow kids to learn the basics of incubating eggs.
  • Poultry Incubator 112 Eggs Capacity

    Sold By: Seamless Mart
    112 Egg Incubators, Intelligent Warming Egg Incubators with Automatic Turner, Mini Poultry Hatching System, Hatcher Machine Suitable for Hatching Turkey Ducks Goose Birds Pigeon Quail Chicken Eggs.
    • 【AUTOMATIC TURNER】:Triocottage incubator for chicken eggs with automatic turner, turning eggs every two hours, You can also start turner at any time. It can evenly heat. Hatchability reached Up To 97%
    • ★【INTELLIGENT WARMING】:Alarm of over temperature and humidity for protecting eggs, especially when the water is dry, with which the chicken incubator will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of eggs
    • ★【LED DISPLAY】:The led display enables temperature setting and simple operation, with important information on temperature, humidity, hatching and egg turning time being displayed; Temperature controlling ensure the eggs in an optimistic environment
    • ★【WIDE APPLICATION】:Adjustable rolling egg axis of which the space can be adjusted according to the size of eggs, Suitable for chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail eggs and most poultry eggs or reptile eggs
    • ★【WHY CHOOSE US】:Good heat dissipation performance, which can quickly heat up and cool down, the internal fan dissipates heat evenly, low noise, low power consumption, has a sink, which can adjust humidity well. Small size, easy to place and convenient

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