Office and Car seat Lumbar Support


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1. According to the human body mechanics, the product has a large number of circular massage columns, built-in vibration starter which has massage function, leaning against it is conducive to human blood circulation.

2.Using the most advanced physiotherapy design to correct back sitting position, while relax your waist for sitting a long time.

3. Can be connected to the car cigarette lighter 12V DC power, the vibration velocity of lumbar can be freely adjusted, with drive-by-wire switch.

4. The product is equipped with elastic band, it can be directly set on the seat, easy to use.

5. The length of cigarette lighter line is 1.5 meters, suitable for all vehicle models.

Product Weight & Size:

1. Weight:544g

2. Size: 36*32*10 cm / 14.17 * 12.60 * 3.94 in


1. To improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism

2. Built-in far-infrared heating element to warm physical body.

3. To dredge venation and alleviate muscle pain .

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Office and Car seat Lumbar Support


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