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  • AEntrance Breathalyser System (EBS010) Spare Sensor Modules for quick exchange and replacement of sensors on site without the requirement for immediately servicing and calibration.

    Saves times and means that EBS010 never has to leave your site when calibration of the sensor is required.

    Always order a spare sensor module when ordering an EBS010 so that you never have any down-time.

    • This gel formula eliminates 100% of limescale, cleanses it under the water leaving your toilet clean and brilliant. It also eliminates germs and bacteria, thanks to its disinfectant action, giving cleanliness and hygiene
    • Features
    • It removes 100% of limescale
      It cleanses under the water
      Eliminates germs and bacteria
      Disinfectant Medical Surgery Presidium
    • ***
    • Don’t change your toilet Bowl because of limescale
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