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• Works Great on Post-Operative Knee Injuries
• Also Works for Non-Surgical Injuries such as Sprains
• Great for Recovering from Ligament Tears
• Compact for Easy Wearing and Storage
• Lightweight for Easier Wearing Experience
• Fits a Wide Variety of Heights
• Angle Adjustability for Better Healing


Post-Operative braces have been technologically improved since the days of an old, hard, plastic version. Ovation Medical, the makers of several types of body part braces, created a post-operative knee brace that can help the healing process of several types of knee injuries. The Compact Pro Post Op Knee Brace works well for many operational procedures. Among them include repairs for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL knee-related repairs; tibia fractures, meniscal repairs, patella tendon repairs and condylar fractures. The Compact Pro is easy to apply and remove thanks to its quick release buckle system and has aluminum bendable struts to help extend the brace to 25 inches if needed. Non-slip foam on the interior of the device will prevent the brace from slipping down your leg, so you’ll know it will stay on for the entire day. Adjustable struts allows nearly any user, up to 6-feet 4-inches tall, to wear the device for optimal healing. Once secured, an easy-to-use Drop Lock feature gives the user or a medical professional the ability to change the angle of the bend. With adjustability of up to 90 degrees, it assures you will be able to slowly heal the injury over a proper amount of time.

The Compact Pro can fit thighs up to 35 inches in circumference and comes in Standard and Cool versions.

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