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Posture correctors work by gently pulling your shoulders back and act as a corrective to sloucing and forward rounded shoulders. They are also elasticated and allow you to move around naturally but will resist your tendency to slouch and hunch over. They are to be used for short periods whilst standing and sitting, can often be worn under clothes, and are recommended by osteopaths for those with poor posture.

Benefits of using a posture corrector

Posture correctors are often recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths as a supplementary solution as part of a broader program of treatment.

The benefits of using a posture corrector as a supplementary treatment for poor posture are:
◾Immediate posture improvement
◾Relieves strain on back and shoulders (so can relieve pain that goes with it)
◾Act as a postural reminder
◾Can be worn sitting or standing (and under clothing) while at work or when using your computer

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