Seacret Mineral Rich Peeling Gel


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A lightweight gel that provides gentle exfoliation for deep cleansing results.

Apply to clean, dry skin and gently massage onto the face in circular motions for gentle exfoliation. Hands and face must be completely dry prior to application for maximum benefits. Applying with water on hands and/or face may result in product adhering to skin. Rinse clean with water. If adhering occurs, use a towel to remove product.

Removes dead skin cells.

Creates smoother, softer and brighter-looking skin

Suffer from dull, uneven skin tones? The Peeling Gel is a must-have! Helps improve skin texture by exfoliating dry, dull surface cells. Polishing the skin through gentle exfoliation leaves the skin instantly softer, smoother and feeling hydrated.

Sweep away surface build-up for younger, healthier- looking skin.


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Seacret Mineral Rich Peeling Gel


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