• Nguvu baobab oil

    Nguvu’s 100% pure, cold-pressed baobab oil is a highly versatile oil that can be used on both the skin and hair. it’s richly moisturising, and soothing, leaving the skin with touchable softness, and the hair with added shine
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  • Seacret Buffing Block

    Buff up shiny, healthy, and natural looking nails with silky surfaces and minerals from the Dead Sea.
    Step 1: Use blue Coarse side
    Step 2: Use grey soft side
    Step 3: Use white side
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  • Watch me glow

    Our Watch Me Glow is a portable, powerful mini ring light that also doubles as a phone holder to create professional live videos and selfies. With flexible 360-degree long arms and 3 powerful light modes, this USB-friendly invention is perfect for showing off your gorgeous melanin to the world!

  • Seacret Foot Cream with Tea Tree

    Seacret Foot Cream with Tea Tree

    Product description

    Rich moisturizing cream leaves your feet feeling hydrated and refreshed.


    Gently massage onto cleansed feet, beginning at the toes and working up to the tops of the feet, until absorbed. Use daily or whenever the skin feels dry or rough.

    Benefits / Top retailing points

    Moisturizes dry skin

    Softens feet.

    Absorbed easily.

    Provide instant hydration with this powerful moisturizer if you suffer with dry, flaky feet.

    Locks in moisture to help keep feet looking healthy smooth and flaky-free

    Apply when your feet need a little extra TLC. With continued use your feet will keep that soft, smooth look all year round.


  • Quick test breathalyzer -Cheetah 1

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Cheetah-1 is a rapid breath alcohol analyzer for quick testing with following

    (1)UK made Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor with high reliability;

    (2)Quick and Precise Analysis;

    (3)Rapid and convenient, do not need mouthpieces;

    (4)With Traffic baton and flashlight illumination function

    (5)Large battery capacity, can testing for 8 hours.

    Details Technical Data
    Principle of measurement Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific
    Measurement Range 0~ 80mg/100ml  BAC
    Test Mode For quick testing, automatic sampling
    Way of Breath Sample Extraction Motor continuous air extraction, speed no less than 0.8L
    Temperature Range-operation -5℃~+45℃
    Temperature Range-storage 30℃~70℃
    Measuring Time Adjustable( Minimum time: 1 second) 
    Working Pressure 600~1400hPa
    Working Temperature 20~98%r.h.
    Screen OLED Digital Screen
    Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh
    Continuous Working Time More than 8 hours
    Flashing Light 2 lights of 3W
    Vibration Alarm When the concentration exceed the set point value, device will give Vibration Alarm
    Dimensions L(324)mmX Outer Diameter(45)mm
    Weight Approx. 231g
     Test Iteheetah 1 is a continuous pumping style quick investigation alcohol detector, one second without blowing out the results, and easy to carry.
    1 Detection probe: The electrochemical fuel cell.
    2, Key features: ” test” button to complete the operation, simple and quick.
    3 The screen displays: Color OLED display is very clear in the light-duty alcohol test
    Process dynamics displayed on the screen for easy duty.
    4, Vibration motor prompts: When the test result is below the national standard, does not shock vibration motor
    Move, the indicator does not work industry; When the test result is higher than the national standard, issued a shock vibration motor
    Moving tips, not blinking, allowing detection of people who keep abreast with the detected detection results
    No alcohol situation.
    5Rapid investigation and detection: the use of motorcycle exhaust samples, measured as long as people close to the air inlet
    Kazakh gas sampling and analysis can be automated without manual key sampling. Rapid, one second out
    The results.
    6Qualitative detection: with qualitative detection function, to ensure fairness and accuracy of law enforcement, the
    Qualitative test results visually display data.
    7 Sampling products: the use of a concave -type sample port design, with guidance, to collect the gas function.
    8, No warm-up time: boot directly tested.
    9Power supply: energy-saving design, the machine uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity 3000mAh, can
    8 hours of continuous work.
    10Equipment Dimensions, weight: rod ergonomic design, easy to carry.
    11, Flashlight mode: easy night duty.

    Please contact our sales department should you require items that you do not find on our site. Jump bags and
    First Aid kits can be custom manufactured to meet your requirements.
    Blowing distance 4-5cm
    Test concentration(mg/100ml)
    Analyzing time <5s
    Clearing time <10s


    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Quick test breathalyzer -Cheetah 1

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sports

    Sold By: Theo Goodlife

    Polo Blue Sport is a masculine fragrance by Ralph


    The scent was launched in 2012.
    • Top notes of Frosted mint, Mandarin, Apple, Crushed leaves, Cedar leaf.
    • Heart notes of Water fern, Ginger, Sage.
    • Base notes of Amberwood, Musk, Oak moss, Sandalwood, Patchouli.
    • This product is made of high quality material
    • It is recommended for romantic wear
    • This product is manufactured in USA
    Sold By: Theo Goodlife

    Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sports

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Men (125ml)

    Sold By: Theo Goodlife

    Polo Blue is a seductive contrast of fresh bergamot and rich vetiver for the man of distinction.

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Black Men (125ml)

    Sold By: Theo Goodlife

    Polo Black is a seductive contrast of fresh bergamot and rich vetiver for the man of distinction.

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