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  • 10L Medical Sharps Container

    Sold By: Eastern Copiam

    Sharps container (10l)
    shape: square.
    Material: pp/hdpe
    thickness: 1-1.5mm.
    Color: red or yellow.
    Leak proof and puncture resistant.
    Intermediate closure system on the lid.
    Translucent lid prevents overfilling.
    Needle-remove notches on the lid.
    Final closure system avoids reopening.
    Round edge avoids hurt when moving.
    Comprehensive label details.
    Discounts available based on order quantities.

  • Alcohol Concentration Measurement Tool

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    This product is suitable for measuring the alcohol concentration of Range 0-80% v/v.

    Color: black
    Material: metal,plastic
    Measuring range: 0-80%.
    Minimum unit: 1%
    Accuracy: ±1%
    Reference temperature: 20°C
    Scope of application: Alcohol test

    Package Included:
    1 x handheld alcohol meter

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Alcohol Concentration Measurement Tool

  • Best Cardboard Sharps Container

    Sold By: Eastern Copiam

    Cardboard Sharps Container (5 litres), for disposal of Needles,
    Injection devices,

    Sharps safety boxes, constructed of cardboard or other materials, flat-packed, one piece with aperture and handle.

    Intended use: safely and efficiently contain, transport and store used sharps injection devices until final destruction, safe disposal or recycling.

    Technical specifications:
    Minimum dimensions: The minimum height from the bottom of the container to the fill line is not less than 230mm.

    Functionality: The safety box must safely contain contaminated sharps at the point of use; during temporary storage and during handling and transport to the point of treatment and final disposal.

    Nominal Capacity: Boxes must accept no less than 20 units of 0.5ml AD syringes per nominal liter. Total storage capacity not less than 100 units/ 5L box. No syringe must protrude from the container or above the fill line and the box must be capable of being correctly and permanently closed without any risk of needle-stick injury

    Maximum capacity: allowed to exceed the nominal capacity of 20 syringes per nominal liter provided no syringe must protrude from the container or above the fill line and the box must be capable of being correctly and permanently closed without any risk of needle-stick injury
    Sharps aperture: Boxes fitted with a sharps aperture of 38 mm diameter, or 38mm width and breadth and placed at least 50 mm above the maximum recommended fill line marked on the exterior of the box. It is possible to close and seal the aperture at any time between empty and full to maximum capacity.

    Handles: positioned above the fill line, does not obstruct access to the sharps aperture, sufficiently robust. Filled safety box is safely carried with one hand
    During transport to the disposal site.

    Color: color of unbleached sulphate board, or non-chlorine bleached white, or yellow.

    Fill line: clearly marked on all vertical faces of the box, in black or red.

    Shipping and storage volume before use:
    Boxes must be supplied flat-packed or nested to minimize shipping and storage

    Marking instructions on each safety box:

    Bio-hazard marking: marked with the international bio-hazard warning not less
    than 50mm diameter, printed in black or red on each of the front and back faces of
    the box.

  • Buy Digital Alcohol Tester

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Color: Black
    Sensor: Advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
    Detect range: 0.00%-0.19% BAC (0.0-1.9g/l)
    Accuracy: +/-0.01% BAC (0.1g/l)
    Warm up time: Within 10 seconds
    Response time: Within 5 seconds
    Operating temperature: 10? ~ 40?
    Environmental temperature: 40% ~ 90%
    Power source: 2 * AAA batteries (Not included)
    Item size: Approx. 11.8 * 7 * 2.8cm / 4.6 * 2.7 * 1.1in

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    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Buy Digital Alcohol Tester

  • Dental Floss Custom Colored Dental Floss Pick Roll

    Sold By: Winners Deals

    Dental Floss Custom Colored Dental Floss Pick Roll

    Dental Pick Floss Pick Colored Dental Floss tooth pick dental floss brush pick dental floss pick stick dental toothpicks.

    Where To Buy Dental Floss Custom Colored Dental Floss Pick Roll in Ghana?

  • Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

    Sold By: Seamless Mart
    Digital LCD display
    Breath alcohol tester with audible alert
    Quick response and resume
    Auto Power off
    Low Battery indicate
    Error indicate
    Power Supply: 2pcs 1.5V AAA Battery(Exclude)
    Sensor: advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
    Measure range: 0.000-0.199% BAC
    Test accuracy: 0.005% BAC
    Warm up time: 10-15s
    Response time: Within 5 seconds
    Dimension: 115*45*15mm
    Material: Plastic
    Package Inludes:
    1 x Alcohol Tester
    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

  • Durable Cheetah 1 Breathalyzer

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

     Breathalyzer in Ghana


    Cheetah-1 is a rapid breath alcohol analyzer for quick testing with following

    (1)UK made Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor with high reliability;

    (2)Quick and Precise Analysis;

    (3)Rapid and convenient, do not need mouthpieces;

    (4)With Traffic baton and flashlight illumination function

    (5)Large battery capacity, can testing for 8 hours.

    Details of Breathalyzer in Ghana

    Details Technical Data
    Principle of measurement Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific
    Measurement Range 0~ 80mg/100ml  BAC
    Test Mode For quick testing, automatic sampling
    Way of Breath Sample Extraction Motor continuous air extraction, speed no less than 0.8L
    Temperature Range-operation -5℃~+45℃
    Temperature Range-storage 30℃~70℃
    Measuring Time Adjustable( Minimum time: 1 second) 
    Working Pressure 600~1400hPa
    Working Temperature 20~98%r.h.
    Screen OLED Digital Screen
    Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh
    Continuous Working Time More than 8 hours
    Flashing Light 2 lights of 3W
    Vibration Alarm When the concentration exceed the set point value, device will give Vibration Alarm
    Dimensions L(324)mmX Outer Diameter(45)mm
    Weight Approx. 231g
     Test Iteheetah 1 is a continuous pumping style quick investigation alcohol detector, one second without blowing out the results, and easy to carry.
    1 Detection probe: The electrochemical fuel cell.
    2, Key features: ” test” button to complete the operation, simple and quick.
    3 The screen displays: Color OLED display is very clear in the light-duty alcohol test
    Process dynamics displayed on the screen for easy duty.
    4, Vibration motor prompts: When the test result is below the national standard, does not shock vibration motor
    Move, the indicator does not work industry; When the test result is higher than the national standard, issued a shock vibration motor
    Moving tips, not blinking, allowing detection of people who keep abreast with the detected detection results
    No alcohol situation.
    5Rapid investigation and detection: the use of motorcycle exhaust samples, measured as long as people close to the air inlet
    Kazakh gas sampling and analysis can be automated without manual key sampling. Rapid, one second out
    The results.
    6Qualitative detection: with qualitative detection function, to ensure fairness and accuracy of law enforcement, the
    Qualitative test results visually display data.
    7 Sampling products: the use of a concave -type sample port design, with guidance, to collect the gas function.
    8, No warm-up time: boot directly tested.
    9Power supply: energy-saving design, the machine uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity 3000mAh, can
    8 hours of continuous work.
    10Equipment Dimensions, weight: rod ergonomic design, easy to carry.
    11, Flashlight mode: easy night duty.

    Please contact our sales department should you require items that you do not find on our site. Jump bags and
    First Aid kits can be custom manufactured to meet your requirements.
    Blowing distance 4-5cm
    Test concentration(mg/100ml)
    Analyzing time <5s
    Clearing time <10s

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    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Durable Cheetah 1 Breathalyzer

  • Forever Cardio Health

    Promote heart health and circulation with Forever CardioHeath® with CoQ10. What types of nutrients are we talking? CoQ10 is a co-enzyme produced by the body that is shown to help support healthy heart function. Levels of this important antioxidant decrease as we age, which is why it’s important to take on a supplement that keeps CoQ10 balanced.

    We’ve also combined this powerhouse co-enzyme with B vitamins to create the ultimate heart health supplement. B vitamins support healthy homocysteine levels. Keeping homocysteine levels in check helps support healthy blood vessel function.It’s designed for mixing with Forever Aloe Vera Gel® to help ensure that the bounty of nutrients contained in this innovative formula are more readily absorbed.


  • Professional  Breathalyzer with LCD Dispaly

    Sold By: Seamless Mart

    Professional Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

    100% brand new and high quality
    1. Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor.
    2. Quick response and resume.
    3. SMD assembling, stable performance.
    4. MCU control.
    5. Direct testing process LCD indication,BAC 0.000%,0.00 %0,mg/l.
    6. One key operating.
    7. Digital LCD display with Red backlight.
    8. 360 degree rotating mouthpiece.
    9. Portable and fashion design.
    10. Audio warning beyond pre-set limit.
    11. Sensor Fault Self checking.
    12. Battery saved design, low voltage indication.2 x 1.5v AAA alkaline battery.

    Size: 7.7*5.6*1.5cm
    Color:As the picture
    Packing:Color Box

    Package included:
    1* Alcohol Tester

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