• Alomo Bitters

    Sold By: Spirit & Wine

    Alomo Bitters is a herbal based alcoholic drink produced in Ghana by Kasapreko. Used for various health treatment and recreation.


    The drink is said to be made from various plant extracts but the exact ingredients are a closely guarded secret. The manufacturer has openly claimed that the drink has anti-malarial qualities but hasn’t gone so far as to confirm the various health benefits which its drinkers attribute to it. These claims range from aphrodisiac qualities to the easing of menstrual pains and cramps in women.

    Having claims from the manufacturer that the drink has been tested by the Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine in Ghana, however, many are skeptical and concerned about the potential side effects that the drink might have. For the time being, it can be legally sold in Nigeria as an anti-malarial product. However, it remains to be seen how regulatory agencies overseas choose to deal with the drink as it expands outside of the Nigerian market.

    Sold By: Spirit & Wine

    Alomo Bitters


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