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Washing Machines & Dryers in Ghana

Where to Buy Washing Machines & Dryers

Technology was invented to make life much easier for us. In everything we do, we strive to have a stress-free life, that is why we have several home appliances invented and distributed to us to have them in our homes and have most of the chores done for us while we rest or do more important things. A washing machine is one major home appliance you cannot afford not to have in your home. Imagine going through all the stress of work and traffic all week and at the weekend, you are faced with the chore of manually doing your laundry, which would be a punishment to yourself. At shopbeta, we understand the importance of having these electronic products in your home, we understand how important they are to getting things done quick. This is why we offer you an array of washing machines from a variety of top brands, all at really budget-friendly prices that would not drill holes in your pocket. Now, you can optimize your weekends by enjoying quality time with your loved ones while still meeting household chores. All these have been made easy with large and small appliances listed on Shopbeta.

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Washing machines are very important for your personal hygiene as it washes your clothes with high temperature depending on the texture and removes stains the normal hand wash can’t remove. There is also an important need to put into consideration; the rainy season, where there is hardly sunlight to dry your clothes. We considered that and made the dryer machine available as well. After washing, you can just transfer the clothes to the dryer and after some minutes, your laundry is done. There are certain washing machines that come with the both the washer and dryer in one compartment which makes it easier to maintain. At Shopbeta, we have a selection of trusted brands and they include; LG washing machine, Beko, Qasa, Samsung a many more. We suggest you save yourself the stress of visiting the mall and getting into traffic, but better still shop online and you would get it at the best price in Ghana.!


Washers & Dryers