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Small Appliances

Small appliances are designed to make life in the kitchen easier. Quickly bake, mix, blend, toast, grill & cook food with ease using any of these quality machines. Whether toasting bread in a convection oven or deep frying French fries, this collection has it all. Choose from a wide selection of slow cookers, toasters, rice cookers, waffle makers, blenders & food processors.

Guide to Small Appliances
Small appliances make a huge impact on your kitchen, offering functionality and practical cooking techniques that are helpful to any cook. Each small appliance is designed to serve a specific purpose in your kitchen. They often save time and effort, efficiently performing tasks that would generally require more labor if done manually. You can add small appliances to your gift  to accommodate many lifestyles and life moments.. You can appreciate each appliance as a personal kitchen helper as you create delicious meals and treats that your family will love. offers small appliances to accommodate many lifestyles and life moments. Consider if you are purchasing small appliances for a dorm room, first apartment, or a home update.

So Many Small Appliances, How Do I Choose?
When deciding which small appliances will best serve you, think on what you enjoy making most and on your family?s favorite meals and beverages. offers small appliances that help improve the quality of meals that keep your family happy. Bed Bath & Beyond offers a variety of hand and stand mixers for beginner and expert bakers. If your family consists of infants and toddlers, food processors and blenders help new parents transition to into parenthood by easily preparing your child?s meals. If your family loves coming together to enjoy hearty stews and chili, a slow cooker would make a special addition to your kitchen. Functionality will be most important in choosing which small appliances are best for you and your family.

Color Up: Coordinate your Small Appliances
Determine the d‚cor of your kitchen to choose the right color and style of your small appliances. offers a variety of colors, styles, and brands that suit your kitchen best. If your kitchen boasts a beautiful modern style, sleek appliances would best complement the room. Because the kitchen often serves as a gathering space for family, friends, and other guests, you want to choose appliances that come together to make your kitchen look great with a seamless design. carries many brands that offer collections so choosing several pieces that are already matched by color, style, and function is easy and enjoyable.

Space-Saving Appliance Organization
Also, consider how much counter space you are working with to determine the size of small appliances you will need to purchase. Remember that some appliances come in sets and may need more space than 1-piece items. Considering the arrangement of each small appliance will allow you to move around your kitchen with ease. Grouping together by use will be a time saver and help keep your kitchen organized. If you have a smaller kitchen, there are plenty space saving ways to organize all the appliances you need. offers a variety of small but powerful appliances so you don?t have to sacrifice efficiency and style for space. If you are cooking in a large space, you want to again consider what you cook the most. The appliances that will be used the most should be front and center. Designing your kitchen around what you enjoy cooking the most is the best option.

Small Appliances

Affordable Binatone BLG 451 Blender

Original price was: ₵285.01.Current price is: ₵258.50.

Affordable Binatone Steam iron SI 1605

Original price was: ₵699.00.Current price is: ₵519.00.

Affordable LG 42 Litres Solo NeoChef Smart Inverter Microwave(MS4295CIS)

Original price was: ₵2,909.90.Current price is: ₵2,849.00.

Affordable Nasco 30 Watts Juicer (XB523)

Original price was: ₵215.00.Current price is: ₵199.00.

Affordable Nasco Rice cooker 2.2 Liter RC-N22SA

Original price was: ₵527.99.Current price is: ₵350.00.

Affordable Samsung 28L Solo Microwave MS28J5215AS

Original price was: ₵2,587.12.Current price is: ₵2,204.50.

Aquaguard Pro RO+UV Water Purifier

Original price was: ₵402.96.Current price is: ₵268.63.

Best Binatone 5L Stainless Steel Kettle SSK 5005

Original price was: ₵889.00.Current price is: ₵720.00.

Best Binatone Sandwich Maker ST 555 MK2

Original price was: ₵699.00.Current price is: ₵499.00.

Best LG 25 Litres Solo NeoChef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven(MS2535GISW)

Original price was: ₵1,968.29.Current price is: ₵1,849.00.

Best LG 25L Microwave Oven MS2595CIS

Original price was: ₵1,938.24.Current price is: ₵1,830.44.


Original price was: ₵4,720.25.Current price is: ₵4,425.05.