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Toasters and Sandwich Makers in Ghana

Toasters and sandwich makers are essential kitchen appliances that are needed in every home. Aside from the fact that the appliances are cheap they can provide you with a quick meal before going to work or taking your kids to school. You can browse our large array of toasters and sandwich makers available at best prices. Toasters and Sandwich makers have certainly become one of the most vital appliances in the modern-day kitchen. Besides letting you make delicious sandwiches, they also boast of quick functionality and save time by a great extent. Shopbeta is glad to present its wide range of toasters and sandwich makers from reputable brands at affordable prices.

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Do you know breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day? Toaster and Sandwich makers are special kitchen appliances known for breakfast classics. Making toasts and sandwiches can be extremely easy with an array of toasters and sandwich makers available on Shopbeta. Make your selection from reputed brands like Binatone, Scanfrost, Philips, Russell Hobbs and more. You can now experiment with the filling of your sandwich, and a sandwich maker will take care of the rest. Make toast and delectable sandwiches in no time, courtesy Shopbeta. You can also get all your small and large appliance for your homes and offices here at best prices.

  • Philips 2 Slice Daily Collection Toaster HD2581/01

    Sold By: SOMOTEX Gh

    Product Details

    • 2 Slice Toaster
    • Defrost And Reheat Technology
    • 7 Browning Levels For Desired Browning Quality
    • Immediately Stops The Toasting Cycle
    • High Lift System
    • 2 Variable Width Slots
  • Philips Daily Collection Sandwich Maker HD2393/01

    Sold By: SOMOTEX Gh


    Perfectly toasted sandwiches anytime with this hi-temperature, hi-power sandwich maker with cut and seal plates to seal ingredients inside. Easiest to use with easy lock system and easiest to store with vertical compact storage option

  • Binatone Binatone Auto Toaster 2 Slices AT-202 Details

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    This compact-sized sandwich maker comes with non-stick coating, making it easy to use and clean. Two light indicator options – “on” indicator (red) – “ready” indicator (green) ensures your toast is not over-burnt. Binatone is committed to bringing you innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life. Buy sandwich and Toasters on shopbeta Online Mall

    Cool touch housing
    Variable browning control
    Make 2 slice of masts
    Bun warming rack for reheating buns
    Reheat defrost and stop functions
    Wide slot for thick & thin cuts
    Self-centering guide for even toasting
    Automatic pop~up after toasting
    Extra-lift mechanism for easier removal
    Slide-out removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
    Voltage: 22.0-2401- 50/60Hz
    Power: 750W


    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Binatone’s intuitive sandwich toasters are full of features making them a pleasure to use. Two indicator lights for ‘power on’ and ‘sandwich ready’ states make them easy to use even for new owners and they have additional features such as nonstick interiors for easy cleaning, housing that stays cool. Out of use, they can be stood upright for easy storage.

    Binatone brings to you Sandwich Maker ST-801. It comes in two colours, black and white, with a silver panel on the upside of this product. The ST-801 has indicator buttons to tell you when the toasts are ready for consumption. It also has a clip locking system so that food does not spill over. This product is perfect for 2 slice sandwich toasts. It has a non-stick coating on its plates to make cleaning the tool hassle-free. The ST-801 also cuts and seals two sets of toasted sandwiches at one go.
    Binatone’s products are designed to give you quality and affordability that will lessen your time in the kitchen.

    2 Slice sandwich making Cut and seals two rounds of toasted sandwiches Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
    Elegant stainless steel top cover

    About BINATONE
    The Binatone brand leads in the world of electrical appliances. This is because Binatone continues to identify trends and respond to consumer needs with unique and attractive products through a sales and distribution network that spans 4 continents and 75 countries.
    With in-depth expertise in a clearly focused range of products, a Binatone appliance is a welcome presence in every Ghanaian home.
    Binatone Appliances are available on at the best prices in Ghana on Shopbeta Online Mall.

    Power: 750w

    2 Slice Sandwich Making

    Cut & Seals Two Rounds Of Toasted Sandwiches

    Non-Stick Cooking Plates For Easy Cleaning

    Elegant Stainless Steel Top Cover

    Cool Touch Housing With Locking Clip

    Stand Upright For Space Saving & Easy Storage

    Power On & Ready Indicator Lights

  • Binatone ST 501 Sandwich Maker

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Binatone ST 501 Sandwich Maker
    The Binatone ST 501 sandwich maker is fitted with fixed grill plates which are coated with a non-stick material. This feature thus makes it an easy to use sandwich maker, both in terms of cleaning and enjoying the taste and texture of 4 slices of bread which are browned to a required degree for every single operation. To make that quick sandwich you need this Binatone ST 501 Sandwich maker on Shopbeta Ghana at a very good price

    1400 Watts Power Consumption
    This electrical kitchen appliance runs on 1400 W of power supply. This feature thus goes a long way in proclaiming this product as an energy saving sandwich maker, bestowing households with low electricity bills. Find this Binatone ST 501 Sandwich maker on Shopbeta Online Mall today.

    Easy to Clean
    A loud shout out goes in favour of its non-stick grill plates which offer an additional benefit of easing out the cleaning chores. It is on the strength of this feature that the Binatone ST 501 sandwich maker can ideally be labelled as an easy to maintain sandwich maker. However, a word of advice is to avoid soaking the sandwich maker in water or any other cleaning liquid. It is best to use a damp cloth to clean the plates. Get this Binatone ST 501 Sandwich maker on Shopbeta at a cheap price.

    Buy this Binatone ST 501 1400 Watts Sandwich Toaster & Grill on Shopbeta Ghana


    Key Features
    No of Slices: 2 Slice Sandwich making and grilling
    Cool Touch housing with Lock
    Heating and Ready Indications
    Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
    Space Saving upright-storage design
    Concealed heating element for best safety
    Fully openable housing for grilling function

    Wattage: 1400W
    Voltage: 230V
    Frequency: 50HZ

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Binatone ST 501 Sandwich Maker

  • Sandwich Toaster Healthy Griller (ST-1400)

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Put some life in those bland untoasted sandwiches. The ST-1400 ensures your office or college lunch gets you excited. Avoid excess oil and fats with this healthy grill.
    Peace of mind never looked so good.

    With interchangeable plates
    4 slice sandwich making and grilling
    Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
    Concealed heating element for safety
    Cool touch housing with Lock
    Power on & ready indicator lights
    Power: 1400W

    Bring home the practical and visually appealing sandwich toaster and healthy griller ST-1400. This sleek white appliance is made of stainless-steel body for practicality. Now make healthy and ready to eat sealed-and-cut sandwiches with this 1400-watt toaster. It is equipped with a concealed heating element and a cool touch housing with lock to promise utmost safety while in use. The toaster comes with interchangeable non-stick plates that are very easy to clean and provide the best grilling experience. Binatone is dedicated to improving your cooking experience, bring home this all – new appliance to add to the sophistication of your kitchen.

  • Sandwich Maker (ST-555 MK2)

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Making exceptional sandwiches has never been this easy. Binatone’s handy sandwich maker has a cool touch handle, dual non-stick cooking plates, and a cool touch housing.
    Peace of mind never looked so good.

    2 Slice sandwich making
    Cut and seals two rounds of toasted sandwiches
    Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
    Cool touch handle with locking clip
    Power on & ready indicator lights
    Power: 650-750W

    Long Description-Sandwich Maker ST-555 is a wonderful product to make sandwich making easy. This product does wonders for you from start to finish. It cuts and seals 2 pairs of toasted sandwiches to give a polished look to the sandwich. It has a dual slice sandwich making capacity. Binatone has added non-stick plates for easy cleaning of the toaster. The ST-555 also has a locking clip system and non-heat handles to keep you hands safe. The product also has indicator lights to notify when the toaster is ready. It uses minimum power i.e. 650-750 watt. Binatone creates products keeping in mind the utility and affordability.

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Sandwich Maker (ST-555 MK2)


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    Sold By: Super Max


  • Grilled Sandwich Maker (ST-777MK2)

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    This sandwich maker is of the finest quality and only turns out the best sandwiches to make your mornings and lunches amazing. Comes with non-stick plates that make cleaning easy.

    • Cut and seals two rounds of toasted sandwiches
    • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
    • Cool touch handle with locking clip
    • Stand upright for space saving and easy storage
    • Power on & ready indicator lights
    • Power: 750W


    Long Description-Binatone’s Grilled Sandwich Maker ST-777(MK2) has a modern and practical steel exterior. It uses minimum power of 750W to give you excellent toasting for your breads. For your convenience Binatone has hadded power on and indicator lights for when the toast is ready. This sandwich maker has an upright body for easy storage. It includes non-heat touch handles with locking clip to avoid spillage of food. The plates of the Grilled Sandwich Maker ST-777(MK2) are non-stick so it is easy to clean with a plain cloth. It makes the sandwiches look highly edible as it cuts and seals two pairs of toasted sandwiches in one go. Binatone specializes in delivering products that are high in quality and affordable in cost.

  • Binatone Healthy Grill (BHG-1450)

    Sold By: Binatone Ghana

    Make delicious home-pressed paninis, tender pork chops and arepas with this healthy grill from Binatone. Slice a baguette in half and make your sandwiches with the premium dual cooking non-stick surface.
    Peace of mind never looked so good.

    230V 50Hz 1400W
    4 slice panini maker
    Cool touch handle
    Non-stick plate for easy cleaning
    With power and ready lights
    With oil box
    With thermostat controller, adjustable temperature (max. 200°C)
    Plate size: 295*265mm

    Long Description- Healthy Grill BHG-1450 is a sleek model that comes with a dual cooking surface that grills both sides at once. This grill has a cooking surface of more than 120 square inches for cooking large pieces of food. In addition, there is also an oil box to collect the excess fat that drips from food items. The handle for the grill has also been carefully designed so that you don’t burn yourself while handling the tool. It works on 20V 50Hz I 400W power setting. It comes with a thermostat controller and the temperature is adjustable up to 200 degree Celsius. Binatone brings you world class products that are affordable and will enhance the quality of your life.

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