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Our suits are a hybrid between a slim and modern fit. If your normal suit size is 42 or above, I recommend going up 1 size.** (You can call, email, or use the chat feature if you have additional questions about the fit.)


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Double-breasted suits are back with a complete vengeance, and a lot of people love every bit of it. It’s an unimpeachable piece of art and will always remain as such.

The modern double-breasted suits bring suit wearers to new heights when it comes to stylistic expression. As a result, some have turned this suit into something that serves as their signature piece.

But, behind the sophisticated look, there’s a manifold of stylistic rules that you have to be familiar with before deciding to buy one.

The double-breasted suit has two parallel button lines and overlapping front flaps. Most double-breasted suit jackets have between one and four button-rows, but only one or two are used.

Higher armholes and trimmer sleeves characterize the modern version of the double-breasted suit. It creates a sharper and cleaner look.

It also has a slimmer fit, creating a modern, subtler silhouette. These suits’ broad peak lapels also create an impression of having a wider chest while focusing the eyes on an illusion that gives height.

Double-breasted fashion became popular in the period between the mid-1930s and the late 1950s. It experienced a revival from the mid-1980s until the beginning of 2000.

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