Get LG 6Kg 1200 RPM Front Load Washing Machine

The LG front load washing machine’s 6-motion Inverter DD mechanism makes it suitable to treat all kinds of fabric.
The Smart Diagnosis technology renders a faster, easier way to figure out issues and solve them automatically, eliminating the need to call the technician.
This 6kg washing machine arrives in a beautiful silver color and has a drum volume of 35L.
It has 20 programs working on 1200RPM. It also has an auto-restart feature and an LED display for the added utility, while the A energy saving rating justifies its worth.
There are three motions for powerful washing: stepping, filtration, and scrubbing; while three motions – tumble, rolling, and swing – are configured for a delicate wash.


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Product Details

  • This product comes ready to use and does NOT require installation or demo. All product features are presented in the user manual that comes with the product.
  • Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine; 6.0 kg capacity
  • Plastic body, Transparent top, Magic wheels
  • Rat away technology

These days’ households cannot find the right help you wash and clean clothes. So technology has come to the rescue of many homes in the form of a washing machine. LG 6Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is a undefined washing machine that supports a capacity of undefined. LG semi-automatic washing machines are equipped with 3mm plastic cover with rat repellent chemical which keeps the rat away from damaging your machine.  Introducing LG semi-automatic washing machine with 360 degree magic wheels. It allows swift movement and rotation in any direction without much effort. The unique roller jet pulsator helps in proper rotation of the clothes, creates friction for better washing. In air dry feature, clothes spin at very high RPM and the vents in spin draw air from outside, which helps to remove moisture from the clothes ensuring your clothes are dried faster than line drying alone. The machine has 3 different programs – gentle, normal and strong. It ensures a safe and customized wash for each fabric type. LG washing machines are designed with the same level of cutting-edge technology and unique innovation that makes our entire home appliances stand out from the rest. With stylish good looks and unmatched performance. Conventional wash motion where clothes are moved from the bottom of the drum to the top in a large circular motion. It supported normal washability and distribution.

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