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    Soft-matt, decorative interior wall paint based on acrylic/PU emulsion.
    PROPERTIES: Dyojen interior paint which is produced with hybrid technology, thanks to complementary properties of two
    different binders, has though structure and special gloss. Due to properties of binders in its structure, it prevents
    penetration of tea, coffee, coloured liquids and ink stains and provides easy cleaning of fingerprint, every kind of soot, dust
    and other surface stains by little effort differently than conventional paints.
    APPLICATION AREAS: It is used on all types of interior surfaces of buildings. Thanks to its antibacterial property,
    it is suitable for interior places like hospital, hotel, restaurant, kitchen, shop, school, office etc.
    The surface should be cleared out of dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials and on old synthetic surfaces, the surface
    must be sanded lightly and sand dust must be removed from the surface. After smoothening with Dyorit Wall Putty Interior
    or powder putties, the surface is primed with Dyobinder. In case of colour change of the surface, Dyo Transfer Primer is
    applied one coat if needed. It is applied two coats by brush or roller with diluting 10-15 % of water by volume. It should be
    awaited 6 hours between coats.
    SPREADING RATE: 14-18 m²/L dependent on the substrate. (for one coat)

    STORAGE: It has a shelf life of 5 years if stored unopened in cool frost – free conditions.

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    Gold Pro-Plus Quick Dry Enamel High Gloss is a specially formulated enamel designed for all interior and exterior timber and metal applications where a gloss finish is desired. It provides a smooth, even, hard wearing finish, so your trims, windows and doors will be able to withstand anything daily life can throw at them.

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    Water-based, acrylic emulsion based, transparent primer for exterior and interior mineral substrates.
    PROPERTIES: It penetrates excellently into the surface. By preparing tough surface, fixes topcoat onto substrate and
    reduces paint consumption.
    APPLICATION AREA: Exterior facades and interior walls: concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, gypsum, putty and chalky

    surfaces etc.

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