• Cheap Price Standalone Biometric Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine

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    Standalone Biometric Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine Advantages

    1. Faster: High-standard fuzzy recognition algorithm, attendance speed reaches 0.2 seconds, not queue any more;
    2. Simpler: 5 minutes will be enough to learn how to operate, The product can be used in three steps, and a detailed EXCEL report can be downloaded by a USB flash drive;
    3. More convenient: through the complex algorithm, the software is directly implanted into the fingerprint attendance access control machine, eliminating the pain of using the complex attendance software;
    4. More precise: high-precision optical total reflection fingerprint head, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, with automatic update recognition algorithm, identification without deviation
    5. More accurate: using high-precision clock calculation, the time deviation is only 1/5 of the similar products in the market, which greatly reduces the confusion caused by time error.


    1. Multiple verification ways: Face+Fingerprint+Password
    2. Huge storge space: 300 face capacity, 1000 fingerprint,1000 password capacity and 300,000 log capacity.
    3. Easy to use: No need to install extra software, USB flash drive download attendance reports, automatically generate reports, user operation is simple.
    4. Support multiple languages: Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Korean. It can customize more.
    5. Fast Recognition: 360° fingerprint recognition and 32 bit dual core processor makes a quick identification speed less than 1s.
    6. High accurate: Infraed lighe and dual camera ensure high acceptance rate,
    7. Voice Prompt: 2.4 inch TFT screen, all voice prompts, easy operation, multiple languages voice broadcast.
    8. Widely application: Suitable for employees attendances of office, factory, hotel, school, restaurant, retail store, hospital.

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